Here’s a little routine to do when you wake up in the morning, before your brain knows what is really going on.
Hi! I am Lily and you can find me over at 500daysoflily. I started my blog to keep track of my weightloss journey, and to keep me motivated. I needed more than just mental motivation, so I figured keeping a blog/journal of it, and having posts to refer back to might actually help me. I plan on being able to document all my changes, and will be posting photos of myself, exercises I find helpful, and recipes that are good for those who are trying to make a healthy lifestyle change. I hope to help inspire others who are wanting to make a change in their own lives, and potentially make friends on here! I will follow back all “fitblrs” and weight loss journey blogs! I hope to see everyone around :)
Good songs to have playing while exercising. Guaranteed to pump you up!
Here are some good arm exercises for those days when you need a break from lower body workouts, or for those who are trying to strengthen their upper body.